Tanzu Vanguard

The Tanzu Vanguard is a select group of active customers, cloud users, and practitioners that are passionate about our products and services. They openly share their experiences and knowledge with the community and the industry.

Welcome to the Tanzu Vanguard community

We are on a mission to continually improve and deliver excellent customer success. We greatly value our customers—and our customers are passionate about our products and services. We're launching the first enterprise customer advocacy super user community and want to invite our most loyal customers to join.

From cloud platform computing and containers to microservices and DevOps, the Tanzu Vanguard will lead the way by sharing their unique experience and unbiased opinions to transform enterprises—and the industry.

Member benefits
  • Access to VMware Tanzu product and service groups
  • Exclusive invitations to our conferences and user group meetups
  • Networking with a small group of peers to get complex IT challenges solved
  • Recognition and rewards for contributions and achievements
  • Digital Tanzu Vanguard badges
  • Community-branded swag

Want to join?

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